Canadian Medical Marijuana & Buy Weed online

Canada launches new cannabis consultations on beverages, Buy Cannabis Online. Canada’s federal cannabis regulator is launching new consultations that signal future changes to marijuana possession equivalency limits, including higher possession caps for cannabis beverages. The Health Canada consultant tion announced Friday could also pave the way for product labeling that displays more cannabinoid information as well as […]

Where to buy big chief carts

Where to Buy The Best Big Chief Cartridges. Big Chief is an American produced brand, located in Southern California. As a vertically integrated company, we Vape Store 510  are setting the market’s standards and providing premium pure and quality products that give the ultimate cannabis experience. Stay BIG CHIEF’N! In the current scenario, we could […]

9 Highly Recommended Safety Tips For Vaporizer Batteries

Vaporizer Batteries

9 Highly Recommended Safety Tips For Vaporizer Batteries   As most people already know, vaping or smoking electronic cigarettes has become extremely popular. Some say it is safer and healthier than smoking ordinary cigarettes. While that may or may not be true, that is not a debate for today. No, today we are going to […]

Therapeutic utility of the endocannabinoid system in demyelinating diseases

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Therapeutic utility of the endocannabinoid system in demyelinating diseases The demyelinating diseases are medical conditions in which the main pathogenic process is directed against the myelin sheath covering the axons of neurons and enables proper conduction of nerve impulses. The most frequent demyelinating disease is multiple sclerosis (MS), which is characterized by a decrease in […]

What are CBD oils and their benefits in the body

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Currently, we find a large number of CBD products that proclaim its beneficial effects, but what is CBD and what effects does it cause in our body? We will answer these questions in the following article in which we will talk about CBD, its benefits, its consumption, and some of the CBD products for our […]

Does CBD help in the treatment of PTSD?

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Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a horrible condition that makes healthy people unable to live a normal life. It is an “invisible” disease that affects the mind, causing stress, fear, depression, and anxiety. It occurs after exposure to an excessively traumatic or stressful situation, to the point where it leaves mental sequelae, and is more […]

CBD science: The Difference Between CBD and CBDA

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Both CBD and CBDA are cannabinoids, unique compounds that form in hemp and cannabis plants. CBD is considered the most promising cannabinoid for medicinal purposes, and, as such, CBDA has been somewhat neglected. However, the trend of cannabis leaf shakes has returned attention to the CBDA, and now many people wonder what the difference between […]

Pharmacodynamics: effects and mechanisms of cannabinoids

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Cannabinoids have received a lot of attention in recent years, due to the legalization of cannabis that is affecting the US. UU., Scientific research on its effects or the growing popularity of hemp and CBD. This attention is found in constant discoveries, of which most appear to be positive, at least initially. Therefore, it seemed […]

In what parts of the world is the CBD legal?

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Is the CBD legal?   Well, it depends on which country we are talking about. The cannabinoid itself is not psychoactive, so many countries do not forbid it. However, some restrictions still apply. Find out where in the world CBD is legal. The demand for CBD has increased exponentially in recent years due to published […]